21. Sep, 2020

To carry on our topic of the farm the children had a visit from a pet chicken. The children had to chance to touch and talk about how to care for chickens. They all were very excited and loved the experience!

13. Sep, 2020

Last week's topic was all about farm! The children got the opportunity to go to our local farm park and meet lots of animals. They have been learning what sounds animals make, what they eat and if they produce eggs or milk.

8. Sep, 2020

Last week's topic was shapes! The children have been busy concentrating on new shapes. They had lots of sticking worksheets and heard a new shape song which they really enjoyed.

27. Aug, 2020

Last Friday our Preschoolers who are heading to school gathered for one last goodbye! They had a lovely party full of dancing and lovely food. We wish you all the best of luck!

31. Jul, 2020

This week the children have been busy exploring different kinds of messy play. They all loved the ice and water play this week as it has been really sunny!