Mrs Siobhan Lester

Dear Sue

My youngest son joined Chris and Tony’s baby room shortly after his first birthday and has now progressed to their pre school room. They have been fantastic with him from the start – he was walking and climbing confidently by the time he joined their setting so encouraging him to enjoy movement in their outdoor space has been so beneficial. He took a while to settle at drop off – possibly as a result of months of covid restrictions – and Chris and Tony’s team have been so good at reassuring us parents and supporting him to develop his confidence.
My son made great progress in the toddler room and was well supported in developing friendships and learning to play with others. He is a very full on, hyper active child with a strong sense of humour and the staff have all been amazing at encouraging his language development and social skills, whilst never leaving me feeling he was causing any issues for them.
Now in pre school he has taken a little while to adjust to the new room. Staff have been a great support with potty training (we’re on day 6 today) and in reassuring me about some of his more hyper behaviours. He is hyper focused on dinosaurs at the moment so the team have quickly adapted planned sessions to include dinosaurs to encourage his involvement which is brilliant.
I have been so impressed with Chris’s Childcare, they are incredibly caring and supportive and my little boy is thriving in their setting. I am so pleased we found them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to another family.

Yours Sincerely