Vicky Searle

Good evening,

I’d like to share my experience of sending my 2 youngest children to Chris’s Chilcare over the past 3 years.

I cannot recommend Chris’s Childcare highly enough. I have 3 children aged 12, 5 and 2 and during that time I have used a number of different childcare settings.
Chris’s is by far the best childcare provider I have found. It is a pleasure to send my children everyday knowing they will receive the highest standards of care from Chris, her husband Tony and all the ladies across the team.
Both my children have built fantastic relationships with the adults and children here and as a parent I completely trust Chris and her team and feel comfortable to discuss any aspect of my child’s well-being. I know they will work with me to resolve for example a behavioural issue or to achieve a developmental milestone.

When my daughter started at Chris’s she had had a negative experience at a previous setting and coupled with life after covid, she was really struggling to be away from me and our home. The warmth and love Chris and Tony showed her was wonderful and so reassuring at a time when I was very worried about her. They took the time to help her rebuild her confidence and she quickly became a carefree little girl again.

Another key point that has been fantastic about Chris’s is their flexibility. As a working parent children of 3 children, Chris and Tony have always accommodated any changes I’ve needed to make to my hours whether that be a last minute change for that day, or a change to help me manage the school holidays.

As a result of the activities my children participate in at Chris’s I can see the improvement in their educational and physical development, from them showing me the yoga they have been learning to learning to count and write numbers.

The children have different and well thought out activities everyday. My eldest child always says how much fun it looks when we come to collect my son and the children are all in the garden, laughing and dancing to music with the bubble machine on!!